With Love,Laura.

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NAME:Laura(Flower named "laurel","True Laurel","Grecian Laurel")

MIDDLE NAME:Elena[mom's middle Name]("the bright one")



AGE:do the math
BIRTHDAY:September 21


LANGUAGES:Spanish,English(..),Japanese(basic level)

HOBBIES:laugh,digital design,music,hang out with friends,reading manga/fanfic,watch movies & TV series,fixing my nails & playing with my hair



PETS:Tiki-tiki(female,black,french poodle)&Moko(female,French poodle,RIP.),Charlie Sheen(male),Shikorita(male,maltes/french)

FAVORITE COLOURS:Pink,green,black,purple,blue

FANDOMS(currently):Inception,X-men:FC,HIMYM,CLAMP,Vampire Knight,Star Wars,The Big Bang Theory,Misfits.

YAOI/YURI:soft yaoi//slash.No yuri at all.I don't believe in that UKE/SEME shit.

OTAKU?:NO.Why?: I don't go to conventions,I don't draw,I don't do cosplays, I don't like watching anime.Still, Feel free to recomend a GOOD quality Manga!

HATES:horror movies,ghost stories,feeling sick,shopping,bad grades at school,noisy places,stress,wearing my glasses for a long time,bad habits.

Welcome to my humble Live Journal; which saw day light on the internetz back on Dic 24 2005.
I can say that I opened this Journal to post my graphics works and to improve my poor english; But then i got caught up by the web of the LJ's fandoms and communities. So most of my entries are about my strange/lame life events, my bad grammar, icons, fandom joy, and other graphics I'm working on.

Hope you can find what you are looking for here, and as you can see ..
I would starve to death if I choose to be a writer as my profesional career.

love ya all!.

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